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Tail Gas Treatment For Sulphuric Acid & PSSP
1. Acid Plant
The amount of SO2, SO3 & mist are normally present in acceptable limits in a well designed & well operated plant. However during start up and upset plant conditions the concentration of SO2 can become high and unacceptable as the high ground level concentration of SO2 during this period causes breathing problems to people in the surroundings.

The Alkali Scrubbing Unit designed by Samrudhi Consultants handles gas with of SO2 either in single or two stage scrubbing system depending on client requirement. This system can also operate on continuous basis if desired by client. The gas leaving this scrubber will have acceptable SO2 concentration and will not cause problems to the neighborhood .
2. PSSP Plant
Silicon tetra fluoride evolved as gas during acidulation of phosphate rock. The gas reacts with water in which it is absorbed to produce in aqueous solution of fluosilicic acid. However solution is subject to interference by a film of hydrous silica formed by its reaction with water at the liquid gas interface.

Samrudhi Consultants have developed proven design scrubbing system to cater the stringent emission limits of 20 mg / M3 of fluorine. 
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